Supporting Asian Liver Center

Health & Well Being
30 April 2011

Supporting Asian Liver Center

Stanford University School of Medicine, United States of America & Hong Kong

ZeShan Foundation has been supporting the Asian Liver Center (ALC) . Founded in 1996 by Dr. Samuel So, a professor of surgery at the Stanford University School of Medicine, ALC is the first non-profit organization in the United States that addresses the high incidence of hepatitis B and liver cancer among Asians and Asian Americans. Since then, ALC has been at the forefront of educational outreach and advocacy efforts in the areas of hepatitis B and liver cancer prevention and treatment, providing valuable resource for both the public and health practitioners.

Partnering with the Hong Kong Hep B Free Foundation, APAVH and ALC launched the first World Hepatitis Day media campaign in the city on 28 July 2011, public service announcements were made on radio, newspaper, magazines and public transportation billboards.  The message of getting tested and vaccinated was well received by the public.

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