Health & Well Being

Health & Well Being

ZeShan’s work on viral hepatitis has been an important part of our address of major public health issues.  Since 2006, ZeShan has made it a strategic goal to provide support towards the effective control and eventual elimination of Hepatitis B, done in response to the high disease burden and the inadequate attention given to this issue.

From the beginning, we adopted a proactive, multi-pronged approach to address the issues around Hepatitis. Our foundation has pledged commitments of multi-year funding, created synergies with like-minded funders, and formed a collaborative network involving public health institutions, non-governmental organizations, government entities, and academic institutions from mainland China, the Asia-Pacific Region, and globally.

ZeShan helped towards the establishment of The Hepatitis Fund as we began to capstone the achievements over the past decade. Headquartered in Geneva, the aim of The Hepatitis Fund is to play a catalytic role in the progression of work relating to the elimination of Hepatitis through capacity building and strategic alliance with other global foundations.

Since 2020, we have embarked on a new journey to explore new strategies, where health and well-being has become one key cross-cutting pillar of our new thematic focuses, among ageing, vulnerable groups and the environment.

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