Food Buddies in Kwai Tsing

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3 January 2021

Food Buddies in Kwai Tsing

Health in Action, Hong Kong

During the COVID-19 crisis, we supported Health in Action to address three aspects (physical, psychological and community) of needs and empowerment of low-income families, including working poor and ethnic minorities, in Hong Kong who suffer more under strain of the pandemic.  About 100 most at-risk families will be invited to join the first level of intervention to address the physical needs through cash transfer on fresh food and enhancing health awareness.  Families with mental stress will be invited to participate in second level of interventions on psychological needs and stress management to promote self-care competence. The third level is a Food Buddies program where ‘kai fongs’ will be empowered to co-create a mutual help platform toward a healthy community.

Project Goals:

Provide timely monitoring and support to low-income families to relieve the negative impact of food shortage and mental stress;

Engage and empower the low-income families by enhancing their health awareness, knowledge and behaviour; and

Motivate and mobilize the working poor and ethnic minorities families for providing mutual support to increase community resilience potential and facilitate them to co-create their own healthy community.
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