Hepatitis is an epidemic of the poor: the absolute majority of chronic hepatitis B (96%) and hepatitis C (72%) cases are in low- and middle-income countries, and disproportionately in marginalised groups. It is a silent epidemic: the vast majority of those infected do not know they carry the virus and unwittingly pass it on; governments may be unaware of the impact; and there may be stigma given the transmission routes of hepatitis B (sexual) and hepatitis C (by unsafe drug injections). And so, in a world grappling with pressing crisis like wars, pandemics, and economic upheavals, it becomes what it is: a neglected epidemic.

In Project Home Works: Ageing-in-Place (Pilot Phase) by Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong, the project team visited older adults to assess the safety and liveability of their home environment.  After speaking with them, their carers and social workers, we discovered that despite similar layout and size of homes, elderly people face different challenges.

In 2021, I came to study in Hong Kong, and could not do much during my first academic year because of the COVID-19 restrictions.  I thus wanted to start a social project to gain more experience, meet people, and help the community.  I was also getting more familiar with the city and wanted to spend...

Over a 10-month period, HandsOn Youth Leaders developed more than 200 volunteer activities —each one enabling other teens to volunteer their time and deepen their understanding of social needs in Hong Kong. These programs provided 1,221 individual opportunities for passionate young volunteers.

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