Hong Kong Funders’ Network on Ageing Well

Hong Kong Funders’ Network on Ageing Well



The Hong Kong Funders’ Network on Ageing Well (“the Network”) was established in April 2016 to facilitate communication among private foundations whose scope correspondingly extended across issues around ageing.  It is the first issue-specific foundations’ platform in Hong Kong, originally formed in response to discussions raised at the “Creating Sustainable Public-Private Partnership for Ageing Population in Hong Kong” Conference in November 2015 and “Improving Services for the Elderly in Hong Kong” Roundtable Discussion in April 2014.


Beyond its function as a platform for communication between foundations dedicated to combating issues around ageing, the Network facilitates learning and collaboration between members. Primarily focusing on the exchange and collective building of knowledge, a set of objectives has been developed by members of the Network:

○  Strengthening sector capacity

○  Enhancing service models and innovations

○  Advocating for policy development and improvement


Grounded in the formation of the Network is the primary focus of “ageing”.  In recognition of the holistic approach necessary for ageing well, as well as the intersections between “elderly care” and other domains, the Funders’ Network’s primary scope on “ageing” also encompasses “ageing-related issues” that concern broader population groups (e.g. mental health, primary care, caregiver support).

Established after the formation of the group, “philanthropy” emerged as an equally important area of focus for the Network, the scope referring to the knowledge and skills key to achieving social impact through grant-making, such as the exchange of “practice wisdom” among members. 

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