Recycling In The Eyes Of Youngsters

30 November 2022

A Plastic Ocean (“APO”), our partner, found that young people are reluctant to work in recycling industry because of misconceptions about both career and business opportunities. This has led to an estimated shortage of around 1,000 workers next year when the Government is expected to roll out its new waste charging scheme.

Earlier in 2021, ZeShan joined hands with APO on a 1-year “Green Collar Project“, which prepares young talents for their work readiness in recycling industry through training and placement. We also hope to foster more community-led recycling initiatives in rural areas of Hong Kong.

As wrapping up this one-year project, APO organised a press conference yesterday to share the findings of its recent study “Survey of Youth’s Intention to Join the Recycling Industry” with more than 1,400 secondary school students, 846 parents and 30 teachers. The team also made recommendations and called for cross-sectoral collaborations to attract and nurture talents for recycling. Concerning the prospects of the industry, insights were also shared by a management executive and an investor of recycling industry, as well as a “Green Collar” participant.

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Alexa Li
Assistant Program Manager
ZeShan Foundation

Guests Sharing Insights Towards Recycling Industry
Green Collar participants visiting recycling workplace

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