Green Long March

28 April 2008

Green Long March

Future Generations China & Beijing Forestry University, China

The Green Long March was a youth environmental action movement initiated in 2007 by Future Generations China and Beijing Forestry University.  The Green Long March aimed to educate university students and grassroots communities along the march routes about conservation and nature protection.  Critical regional issues that have been taken up by participating students from across China include water quality, green agricultural practices, biodiversity, and renewable energy.  In 2010, 53 universities from around the country participated in the Green Long March and related activities.  The initiatives gave students the opportunity to develop leadership capabilities and strengthen research and analytical skills.  To date, the Green Long March has involved two million students and local residents along the routes.

ZeShan Foundation supported the Yellow River route of the Green Long March from 2008 to 2010, including research and outreach initiatives, the “Green Seed Award” which provides funds for hands-on environmental projects, and a national forum that facilitates sharing and dialogue among students, environmentalists, academia, and policy makers.
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